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New Project

Ataktrans, which has been playing a significant role in the expansion of the railroad transportation in Turkey by providing the advantages of the railroad transportation, which is the safest and most reliable transportation mode in line with its mission it has undertaken and the principles that it has always maintained without any compromise, serves as a guide and provides guidance and assistance to exporters for transportation of Turkish export products to destinations in Russia and Central Asia countries which are far away from ports. Ataktrans has been transporting products manufactured or produced in Turkey to their destinations in Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Kirghizstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan and has been playing a major role and making a valued impact in widening the recognition and increasing the sales reach of these products in these countries.

Ataktrans, which has adopted continuous improvement as an objective in all of its activities with the responsibility and awareness of being the leading company in its industry, is looking to further expand its investments through a new loading terminal at the port of Ereğli which is currently under construction.