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Atak Railway Logistics company carries out railway wagon and container shipment between Turkey and Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan.

Feeling the justified pride of being a leader in its sector with the responsibilities it has assumed in international shipping which requires confidence, responsibility, knowledge and experience, Ataktrans is sharing its 34 years of experience with its customers.

Shipping more than 20000 wagons in the safest, fastest way and with affordable freights via railway from Turkey to Russian Federation and to Central Asia since 1996, Ataktrans succeeds to be an invariable leader in its field with its strive to do its job in the best way rather than doing every job, and owes its strength to the ties of confidence established with its customers.

Being in contact with its customers always, in every instance of shipping and on time and being aware of the value of the loads it ships allows it to always maintain its leadership position.

Following the competition in railway shipping not only in Turkey but also globally, Ataktrans continues its operations day and night with the goal of being one of the best railway shipping companies not only in Turkey but throughout the world.